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Global Education Teachers  (G.E.T) Summit  &
International Day of Education Mini-Conference

G.E.T SUMMIT Presentation


Theme: Redesigning the Future of Education

U.S. Elite International is hosting the Global Education Teachers Summit (GET Sum) and the International Day of Education Stakeholder mini-Conference to bring together educators and education stakeholders from across the world for knowledge sharing and to discuss equitable and inclusive practices as a vision of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (no. 4) for education 2030.  


The summit is designed for professional development, skilling, reskilling, and upskilling participants to address the knowledge and learning gaps caused by the pandemic. The goals are to equip participants with essential skills, innovative practices, and evidence-based strategies to navigate and solve problems relative to the modern student and 21st century classroom. It is also designed to give education stakeholders a bird's eye view of the pandemic challenges, best practices, and lessons learned across the landscape of education and targeted areas for improvement for 2030.


Date:               January 21, 2023.

Location:         Jamaica Conference Center, Kingston, Jamaica

Cost:               FREE

Special Event:  Minister and Stakeholders Lunch Reception, (By invitation only)



  •  K-12 Educators and Administrators

  • Community /Agency Partners and Organizations

  • Education Stakeholders

  • Anyone interested in helping to change the global landscape of education for 2030

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