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G.E.T. Summit Kazakhstan: Your Gobal Education Experience Awaits

Why is educating a nation important? Find out more on October 7, 2023!

Our G.E.T. Summit's quest is to educate one million teachers by 2030.

Join U.S. Elite International and its band of Global Teacher Ambassadors, Master Teachers, and Education Stakeholders as we reskill, upskill, and rebuild teachers for the modern 21st century classroom one nation at a time. The next stop is Astana, Kazakhstan in partnership with Nobel Fest. Nobel Fest will kick off on October 5-6. All teachers are invited to the Teachers Summit for an all-day learning experience on October 7, featuring Global Teacher Prize Winner #KeishiaThorpe and other Top 50 Global Teacher Ambassadors -- moderated by Dr. Treisha Thorpe.

  • Find a full schedule line up of G.E.T. Summit speakers and all things Nobel Fest here.

  • Find our G.E.T. Summit Portal here.

  • Want to attend a G.E.T Summit session online? Register here.

  • See Teachers Summit invite below, translated in three languages.




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